After-School Dance Programs 

Milk Carton on a String offers after-school dance classes for ages 3+ in Leogane, Haiti. We offer free ballet, acrobatics, jazz/modern, creative movement classes to the Leogane area community. Every summer, our students have the opportunity to perform for the community at their annual dance recital.


Creative Arts classes

Milk Carton on a String offers Creative Arts Classes, where participants have the opportunity to hands-on explore different areas that they may have never be exposed; such as painting, planting, watching different films, making musical instruments, playing board/card games, baking, and much more!


Homework / Library

Milk Carton on a String offers a safe environment for students to come and receive help with their homework. We have also started a library that we hope to continue to grow! Our library is open to students in the community and participants can come and enjoy the books.


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