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visit from patricia keleher

Milk Carton on a String is so grateful to Patricia for taking two weeks of her time to share her amazing dance talents with our students. They all learned so much and had a fun time! Check out our podcast with Patricia at


3rd annual arts benefit

Milk Carton's 3rd Annual Arts Benefit held in Brunswick, GA was a success! Performers included Daniel Fears, Josiah Furcinitti, Thomas Gault, Michael Colon, Gabi Motes, Paige Fraser, Philip Slocki, Carlos Daniel Figueroa Guzman, and Catherine Colon. It was an unforgettable night of live music, dance, spoken word, and film. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported Creative and Performing Arts Education in Haiti!


4th annual student production

Milk Carton on a String's 4th annual student production was a huge success! 54 of our students performed for a live audience and a livestream audience consisting of people from all around the world! No worries if you didn't tune in--you can still find it on the Milk Carton on a String Facebook page!

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degajé magazine is officially online!!

Milk Carton on a String is so excited to announce that Degajé, Milk Carton on a String's quarterly publication, is officially online! Check it out!!…/1da3ea3a-ec34-42b0-bdf0-34e9bc6c0e…


visit from adrienne hicks

We had an amazing, productive week with this special visitor! Milk Carton on a String is beyond thankful for Adrienne taking time to share her dance skills with our students. Check out our podcast with Adrienne at


visit from paige fraser

We were thrilled to have Paige, a dancer with Visceral Dance Chicago, down here for a few days to share her talents with Milk Carton on a String's students! Check out our podcast with Paige at


Rayon Solèy: refuge for the dreamer

Milk Carton on a String is proud to announce that we have accquired a property in Malgré, a voodoo community in Leogane, Haiti with a high percentage of unschooled, unemployed inhabitants. On this property, we will build a Community Arts Center, a refuge for the residents of Malgré, and of Haiti, to come and dream. We are currently working alongside architect Francisco Correa to create the layout of this center. It will be made up of a series of seven dome-like structures - a Theatre, Music Center, Library, Dance Center, Swimming Facility, Family Cafe, and Multi-Sensory Exploratory Center. We will use bamboo because it has a higher compressive strength than wood, combined with straw-bale blocks and clay to allow for highly insulated and safe buildings in an area known for natural disasters. We also plan to use materials such as tires, wooden pallets, and plastic and glass bottles in our structures so that we can recycle everyday items that are usually left littering the streets.

In a community where literacy is a privilege, reading a book is not normal. The library will be home to our Adult Literacy Program, Homework Center, Job Readiness Programs, Resource Center, and many, many books! We are excited to introduce this library to the people of Malgré, and plan on making the experience of going to the library an absolutely magical one.

Every child deserves the right to play and to play with a purpose. To increase imagination, our Multi-sensory Exploratory Center will be a hands-on play experience, featuring a climbing wall, interactive games, an acrobatic gymnasium, and a childcare facility.

For years, Milk Carton on a String has been teaching dance to hundreds of Haitian students. We have taught under a mango tree. When a mango would fall, the class would disperse, running to catch it. Then we upgraded to a storage room with the occasional rat joining our class, and eventually to a 15' X 15' classroom. Currently, we are teaching out of our home and are eagerly awaiting moving to our new dance center!

As we have recently launched our Music Program here in Haiti, it is with much anticipation that we move into the Music Center. This center will feature practice rooms and a large music classroom.
For years, we have desired to have a swimming program. A great majority of people that live on this island nation are afraid of water and don't know how to swim. We believe that swimming is a very valuable skill, and we aspire to impart this skill to all of  our students in our much anticipated swimming facility.
Eating around the table is unheard of in this social class. Our Family Cafe hopes to bring families around the table through family meal times.

Milk Carton on a String is proud to share our plans for our very own open-air theatre. This theatre will give the community a chance to see what our students have been working so hard on. Theatre-goers will be able to enjoy music, dance, and theatrical performances, as well as community movie nights. 
The Milk Carton on a String team is stoked to finally have a home! The team and volunteer residencies will include housing for our full-time team members and short term volunteers.

Rayon Soleil, a key part of this project's title, means "sunshine" in Haitian Creole. Malgré was once described to me by a six year old as "the place where the sun doesn't shine." With Rayon Solèy: Refuge for the Dreamer, Milk Carton on a String is striving to bring light, and sunshine, into this dark community.

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visit from the furcinitti's

It has been a fantastic week with these special visitors! Milk Carton on a String is so thankful for these four sharing their musical talents with our students!! Check out our podcast with Joe and Beth at


visit from lynn poppell

We had a fantastic two weeks with Lynn Poppell as she shared her 30+ years of music education experiences with our classes! Check out our podcast with Lynn at


visit from josiah furcinitti

We were so thrilled to have Josiah share his musical abilities with our classes during his two week stay! Check out our podcast with Josiah at

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visit from daniel fears

It was wonderful having Daniel share his musical abilities with our classes for a week! 


featured in dance studio life

Milk Carton on a String is so excited to be featured in the December 2017 issue of Dance Studio Life! Shown below is the article in which we were featured. 


Degajé inaugural issue

December 2017 marks the start of Milk Carton on a String's quarterly publication, Degajé! We hope to truly capture the essence of our movement in this magazine.



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