Haiti Programs


Dance Program

Milk Carton on a String offers dance classes for ages 3+ in Leogane, Haiti. We offer free ballet, acrobatics, jazz/modern, and creative movement classes to the Leogane area community. Every summer, our students have the opportunity to perform for the community at their annual Student Production.


music progrAM

Milk Carton on a String’s music program offers students a chance to learn basic music theory such as beats, rhythm, and how to read music. Students also have opportunities to learn to play various instruments such as recorder, guitar, and trombone.


Creative Arts classes

Milk Carton on a String offers Creative Arts Classes, where participants have the opportunity to explore different areas that they may have never been exposed to in a hands-on capacity— painting, planting, watching different films, making musical instruments, playing board/card games, baking, and much more!


book club

Milk Carton on a String holds a Book Club once a week for the young readers of Malgrè. Participants receive a new book each week which they study together, take home, and exchange the next week for a new book. You can buy a book for yourself and a child in the Book Club through Milk Carton on a String’s buy one give one program: http://www.milkcartononastring.com/new-page-3/


adult literacy program

Milk Carton on a String offers Adult Literacy classes four days a week in the community of Malgrè. Participants who did not have the opportunity to attend school are now being taught basic math and reading skills.